Tony’s Twenty Top Tips for Tree Wardens

I have been the Pembridge Parish Tree Warden for almost 30 years now and I have learned a lot about Trees and People!

The guiding principles I have used are:

  1. Respond to Planning applications.
  2. Give tree advice.
  3. Be aware of and encourage removal of danger.
  4. Be aware of drains and other public services and the effect on them by trees.
  5. Be aware of the effects of light/view of certain trees on the property and neighbours and to understand the effect on landscape.
  6. Be aware of the fall of seeds and leaves in the gutters/roofs/drains of the property and neighbours.
  7. Understand the growth rates and habit of different trees.
  8. Understand the basic diseases of trees.
  9. Understand the historical importance of trees (memorial, church, special plantings or just fragments of old orchards, gardens or boundaries)
  10. Understand the wildlife associated with trees.
  11. Know the uses trees can be put to.
  12. Encourage the shaping and maintenance of trees.
  13. Help to teach people (especially the young) about trees.
  14. Encourage tree planting – the right trees in the right place.
  15. Your village is a very managed place and one has to recognise that inappropriate trees have been planted or development/infrastructure has taken place near old tree plantings or just that small trees grow big.
  16. Help maintain /improve the wider landscape of the parish
  17. Explain the planning system/felling licenses/grants etc
  18. Record special trees, Veteran, Ancient, memorial etc.
  19. Seek further advice on trees where any of the above are not understood.
  20. Be answerable to the Parish Council!


20 Points for Tree Wardens – Tony Norman