A tree warden can be asked for advice on almost any aspect of tree planting, interim management or final felling of a tree.  The location of the tree could be in a back garden, alongside a right of way or deep inside a large woodland.

There are various legislative acts and regulations which safeguard the felling and planting of trees.

Trees in woodlands:

For aspects of regulation concerning trees in woodland then the Forestry Commission has  a summary here.  Natural England manage an online mapping resource which carries details of existing approved felling licences for woodlands, as well as detailing those woodlands which are considered Sites of Special Scientific Importance

Trees in Conservation Areas and Trees with Tree Preservation Orders:

Information regarding the legislation surrounding Tree Preservation Orders can be found in this Government document.

For finding the existing locations of trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders then this Herefordshire Council map is particularly helpful as details for each tree can be found.  The map also shows the locations and boundaries of each of the 64 conservation areas in Herefordshire.

If you happen to be a tree warden in a conservation area then the Parish Council may ask for advice and assistance when applications are submitted for work on qualifying trees and shrubs.  Herefordshire Council administer the applications for work on trees within Conservation Areas and the various template forms used for the applications can be found here.

Also, check out the download page for a copy of the presentation on Trees and the Law, given by James Bissett in 2016.