Tree Wardens


Would You like to be a Tree Warden?

Herefordshire has a Tree Warden Network (HTWN) linked to the National Tree Council’s Tree Warden Scheme. Parish Councils and Town Wards can appoint a tree warden for their area and HTWN can offer support and training. HTWN is also affiliated to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and the Herefordshire Tree Forum, which bring together statutory bodies and other local organisations and experts concerned with tree care policy.

Would YOU like to be a Tree Warden? You’d be offered on-going training on the welfare of trees, how to spot diseases, recognise & protect notable veterans and plant for the next generation. Tree Wardens also encourage an appreciation of trees and involve others in local tree events. Trees are increasingly valued not just for their timeless beauty and timber but also for their contribution to our wellbeing, flood prevention, air quality, biodiversity and as a source of renewable, sustainable energy.

If you think this might be for you and want to know more, HWTN are holding a series of information and  practical workshops throughout the coming year.

If you require further information before booking, contact Richie Cotterill 01544 231236 / 07777 661252 or email



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